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I recently started my career as an Atelierista (art teacher) at the Euro Academy pre-school and kindergarten in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we value play based and project based learning as our main modes of information acquisition. Working closely with classroom teachers, I aim to provide meaningful studio art experiences where the process is more important than the product. That being said, I love seeing my kids faces light up when their see their “finished product”- the result of much hard work and problem solving! We use a wide variety of artists materials and tools to learn about the aesthetic world around us and gain a greater appreciation for art in history as well as art in our own lives.

This spring I will be launching three new community art classes at our local Community Center located in Ross Township, Pittsburgh.  We will be experimenting with all types of media and art processes to further the imagination and ability of all children involved.  Table for Two (Mommy and Me ages 1.5-3.5), Mini Monet’s (ages 4-6) and Little Leonardo’s  (elementary aged kiddos k-6) .   Check this link in January for updated information and details.

You will often see me post tutorials, images, videos, and printables- many of which will be of my (or my kids!) creation. Please use my lessons to teach and inspire those in your lives but be sure to give credit back to us and refrain from re-posting any of my images/resources without express permission from me. Share your inspired work with me on twitter and instagram (hashtag #sweetersideartroom or @sweetersidemom) and be sure and check out my Pinterest inspiration boards titled “Classroom Inspiration” and “Preschool Art“. I’ll be featuring reader work right here on the blog as often as I can as I am a huge advocate of sharing knowledge and ideas.   Hopefully we can build a creative and imaginative art community together.

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